Tantra massage for Couples

"The bodies are literally pampered in the massage. Touch using silk shawls, feathers, brushes, furs and other indulging devices is used." A thorough and elaborate whole-body warm-oil massage follows. The massage opens the inner energy channel. The ability of the receiver to relax into the body and to allow themselves to experience pleasure may be the key.
When the body is fully relaxed, intimate part massage can follow. The massage is led so that both partners are at similar excitement levels. If the desire arises in the lovers to share the excitement together, they have the time and privacy to do so.
The massage can be an inspiration for the partners' love life. In the massage, you may discover a different approach to your own sexuality, which clearly contributes to improvements in your relationship.You may strengthen one another by the massage, to charge your inner power and to harmonise yourselves in the body and soul.

  • Tantra Massage for Couples:
  • Basic Tantra massage 90 min.
  • Classic Tantra massage 120 min.
  • Luxury Tantra massage 150 min.
  • Royal Tantra massage 180 min.
  • Prostate massage, rosseta massage.
  • Course of classical tantra massage
  • A course of Kashmir tantra massage
  • Training of basic tantra massage.

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