Tantra massage for Men

Relaxing whole-body warm-oil massage. First, the body's muscles are thoroughly warmed up. In the following oil part, back and leg muscles are thoroughly massaged and the tension in the chest unblocked. When the whole body is fully relaxed, genital and prostate massage follows. Excitement arises and we can work with during the massage using e.g. breathing and visualisation. To lead energy from the sex into the entire body, to prolong the state of pre-ejaculation pleasure. The massage can end in a tantric way, when energy streams softly through the body, or in the classical way, by a climax.

The strongly relaxing form of this massage may help recharge new life energy. The massage also releases tension we create during our days by stress. The massage can also serve as a taste of a different approach to experiencing orgasmic states that, in deeper forms, leads into mastering the state of Ecstasy. Tantra massage doing experienced a beautiful Dakiní (professional tantric masseuses).

  • Tantra Massage for Men:
  • Basic Tantra massage 90 min.
  • Classic Tantra massage 120 min.
  • Tantra massage with elements of BDSM.
  • Luxury Tantra massage 180 min.
  • Royal Tantra massage for four hands.
  • Prostate massage.
  • Course of classical tantra massage

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