Tantra massage for Women

Let yourself drift on oriental music rhythms, exotic scents of essential oils and the loving touch of the masseur/masseuse. The woman’s body is warmed up and pampered by soft objects (furs, feathers, brushes, silk shawls and other indulging devices).  Relaxing whole-body warm-oil massage is included Yoni massage. Excitement arises and we can work with it during the massage e.g. using breath. The body is nourished by the energy. The goal is the gentle streaming of energy through the body related to the feelings of “euphoria”. Some women may experience orgasm.

The massage allows women to receive touch on the genitals, which is not conditioned by the necessity of orgasm. The massage may help in case of mild depressions or mood swings. It helps with menstruation or infertility problems. It helps women in the process of self-acceptance and relaxation into their own sexual expression.

  • Tantra Massage for Women:
  • Basic Tantra massage 90 min.
  • Classic Tantra massage 120 min.
  • Tantra massage with elements of BDSM by women.
  • Luxury Tantra massage 180 min.
  • Royal Tantra massage for four hands.
  • Tantra massage by Marcel 180 min.
  • Rosseta massage.
  • Course of classical tantra massage

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